School Management Software. Redefined.

AscendSMS is a sleek and simple, license free "cloudware" offering which revolutionizes the way K-12 school staff and faculty manage every day school functions in real time collaboration with student families.

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Queen of Peace School Case Study Sts. Peter and Paul Academy Case Study Why We Are Free

Free. Period.

With technology positively disrupting whole industries like music, entertainment, telecommunication these days, why aren’t schools enjoying the same benefits?

We don’t think schools should pay for software to manage their school. Those funds should be used for field trips, equipment, supplies, teachers, scholarships and whatever your school decides is best.

As a result, we mastered a way to operate school management solutions at a fraction of our competitor’s cost. Our talents, our passion for improving education, and our desire to give back then came together to enable it to be free for schools.

No software or hardware to license, buy, install, or maintain. Ever.

That is our commitment. Our way to give back and hopefully make a small difference in improving education.

Let’s flip the school software model on its head. because it’s possible.


Applies a guiding hand within the fabric of a school’s operations
  • • Engages each role uniquely
  • • Filters views and data by context
  • • Provides simple wizard setup


Provides novel insight into student and school performance
  • • Aggregates data in new ways
  • • Streamlines operational activities
  • • Inspires student performance goals


Removes economic and communication barriers
  • • Provides “no cost to school” model
  • • Communicates more with less effort
  • • Easily shares data for other uses

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